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GILDE Gallery

GILDE Gallery are three-dimensional art pieces created from metal, which are intricately produced by hand. The large-scale pieces leave a strong impression. They are snapshots of places all around the world and art impressions. GILDE Gallery artworks impress with delicate individual parts, from which the theme gradually becomes a large-scale relief. The design, shape and colour combine to create a fascinating, unique piece. Cool metal transforms into great vibrancy, which evokes pure emotion.


GILDE Gallery is unique handicraft with modern interpretation and intricate staging. GILDE Gallery 3D pictures and figures are crafted by hand. The individual parts are carefully cut to size, hammered and polished. After this they are welded with further fragments, to produce shapes and relief designs according to the sketches of the GILDE designers. Finally, the pictures and objects are painted numerous times, so that new shading results each time. Each piece is an inimitable one-off from the GILDE Gallery collection.