Dreamlight by Traumlicht GmbH

Design your life is the motto from Company Traumlicht GmbH Germany. Natural and high quality decorative objects are carefully crafted from mouth-blown glass. The fabrication is in our own factory in Thuringia/Germany. Every Dreamlight piece is unique thanks to its hand-crafted nature. Dreamlight accessories are a glittering eye-catcher and a special light source with tealights. The design is inspired by the change of the seasons and follows the different trends in fashion. The exclusive pieces designed by Traumlicht GmbH are the perfect gift for discerning tastes and the ideal centrepiece with which to decorate the table and create an inviting atmosphere.

Dreamlight Collection

Combine the wonderful glittering Dreamlights with fitting home accessories. The items for interior living are rustic, natural and elegant and above all on trend. Every accessory has corresponding Dreamlights. Mix of material is very important: ceramics, porcelaine, metal or glass. Dreamlights complete a harmonious composition with objects and sculptures, abstract or realistic ones. These additional items of Traumlicht GmbH will suit every living style either traditional or stylish. Living and giving with high-quality objects from the Dreamlight Collection completes the wide GILDE assortment.